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Banquet Package

While our banquets often have so many different items and experiences to offer, Keystone Elk Country Alliance features a few special items that will be available at each banquet. During the evening of the banquet, you can look forward to finding these items.

Banquet Rifle
10th Anniversary limited-edition Henry Big Boy Silver .44 Rifle featuring the 10th Anniversary logo and the Gurney Volunteer House

10th Anniversary KECA Logo Neon Sign
Custom designed and handcrafted specially for KECA’s 10th anniversary celebration is a custom neon sign with our 10th anniversary logo glowing in KECA red.   Perfect addition to your bar, man cave or she-shed to show your support and dedication to KECA! 

Life/Sponsor Handgun
10th Anniversary edition Kimber Custom II 10mm or .45 ACP pistol with custom grips featuring the 10th Anniversary logo with a gorgeous Pennsylvania bull.

10th Anniversary KECA Limited ‘Clubhorn’ Bronze statue
Custom design and handcrafted bronze statue by PA Artist Ed Korinko, prominently depicts the well-known ‘Clubhorn’ bull who has also become a staple of the KECA Conservation Banquet program with the full mount that travels to many of our Banquets across the state. This well known bull was featured on the front cover of the 2005-2006 PGC Hunting and Trapping Digest before being taken illegally sometime in 2005.  The ‘Clubhorn’ bull’s legacy continues to live on with the Keystone Elk Country Alliance. 

Progressive Rifle
10th Anniversary edition Remington model 783 6.5 creedmore Rifle with a Leupold 3-9 x 40 scope