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Keystone Elk Country Alliance is proud to partner with ShopRaise. Whether it’s shopping for daily essentials like groceries, buying furniture for your home office, or even booking your next trip, the ShopRaise app lets you shop for your cause. Now you can turn your everyday shopping into support for your KECA  all at no additional cost to you.

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Your everyday shopping can support KECA!

  1. Get the App
    Download the ShopRaise app on all of your devices
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    Shop using the ShopRaise mobile app or browser extension at almost 1,000 retailers
  3. Raise
    Raise up to 10% on each transaction and see your contributions make a difference

There are many ways to support the Keystone Elk Country Alliance!

We are a 501(c) (3) charity and your gift may be deductible for tax purposes. Choose a category to learn more:

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Keystone Elk Country Alliance is committed to responsible stewardship of your gift. At least 81% of every dollar stays in Pennsylvania and goes towards KECA’s Conservation Mission.