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Conserve, Enhance & Educate

Hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours have been focused on educating youths and adults through our Conservation Education programs both in person at the Elk Country Visitor Center and through our virtual Distance Learning programs carried out over the internet. We strive to be able to provide educational opportunities to everyone regardless of geographical or financial limitations. We also work to improve several thousand acres on the property surrounding the Elk Country Visitor Center and we are proud to partner with both private and public land owners such as Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Forestry and the Game Commission. Our commitment is to Elk Country first.

In 2017 we also made our first permanent land protection purchase in Pennsylvania’s Elk Country. The Kimmel Run Acquisition (named after Founding Treasurer, Randy Kimmel) sits adjacent to the Elk Country Visitor Center and provides prime dark timber habitat for elk and other wildlife.

Your generous donation will help us continue our efforts to enhance elk country for the future of our children and our children’s children.

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