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Weekend Programs

The education team here at the Keystone Elk Country Alliance works to educate on all levels. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a curious visitor we have something for you! We offer educational weekend programs every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. These programs aren’t just about elk; they cover numerous topics from beavers and black bears to maple syrup making and hiking. We also frequently host guest speakers from the PA Game Commission, PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and other conservation organizations. On top of all that, we find special joy in the changing of the seasons and holidays. We often have special events during these times, like our Earth Day Celebration, Halloween Extravaganza, and Christmas Ornament Series.

If you are interested in being a part of all the fun that happens here at the Elk Country Visitor Center, then keep an eye on our calendar of events for everything we offer each month! You can also find event information on Facebook, Instagram, and elkcountryvisitorcenter.com.

Saturday, September 5  @ 2:00 – Elk Explanations

Have burning questions about elk? Wondering how elk are managed? Perhaps you have a question on their favorite foods or habit? Maybe you’d like to know how long they live or when calving season is? Join our staff at the Elk Country Visitor Center to find the answers to these questions and more!

Sunday, September 6 @ 2:00 – Skull-lock Holmes

Here at the center we commonly get questions about animal bones and how to identify what animal they came from. In this program, you will be able to learn basic skull identification characteristics and test your skills with an interactive matching activity! 

Saturday, September 12  @ 2:00 – Tree Identification

Are you curious about the naturally uprooted structures around you? Do you want to recognize the trees you pass by on your next walk through the woods? Join us at the Elk Country Visitor Center as we discuss how to identify trees commonly found in Pennsylvania.

Sunday, September 13 @ 2:00 – Reptiles of PA

Are you interested in learning about the reptiles in Pennsylvania? Come join us at the Elk Counter Visitor Center to learn more about venomous snakes, endangered reptiles, and lots of fun facts!

Saturday, September 19 @ 2:00 –All About Turkeys

You may commonly think of turkeys around Thanksgiving, but they are all around Pennsylvania throughout the year. Join us in learning about their characteristics, turkey calling, and various hunting opportunities. 

Sunday, September 20 @ 2:00 – White-Tailed Deer

White-tailed deer are everywhere in PA, but next time you see one, stop and consider their characteristics, diet, antlers, and habitat. This program will cover all of those topics as well as deer hunting seasons, deer rut, calls, and scents.

Saturday, September 26 @ 2:00- Amazing Adaptations

Size, shape, fur, feathers, beaks, and teeth – these features help animals survive in the wild. We will be examining why animals have developed these unique characteristics and more. Join us as we explore the amazing adaptations of wildlife in Pennsylvania. 

Sunday, September 27 @ 2:00- Black Bear 101

Come learn the ways of the American black bear. Starting with a review of the diet, behaviors, and basic biology, that will then flow into a discussion about safety and coexisting with bears.