Weekend Programs

The education team here at the Keystone Elk Country Alliance works to educate on all levels. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a curious visitor we have something for you! We offer educational weekend programs every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. These programs aren’t just about elk; they cover numerous topics from beavers and black bears to maple syrup making and hiking. We also frequently host guest speakers from the PA Game Commission, PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and other conservation organizations. On top of all that, we find special joy in the changing of the seasons and holidays. We often have special events during these times, like our Earth Day Celebration, Halloween Extravaganza, and Christmas Ornament Series.

If you are interested in being a part of all the fun that happens here at the Elk Country Visitor Center, then keep an eye on our calendar of events for everything we offer each month! You can also find event information on Facebook, Instagram, and elkcountryvisitorcenter.com.

Elk Country Visitor Center

   July 2022 Weekend Programs


Saturday July 2nd, 1 pm Elk Country Habitat Talk

Join KECA’s Habitat Specialist, Chad Woodward, in a talk about the habitat work done around the visitor center as well as, the many projects that the Keystone Elk Country Alliance is involved in to help preserve and enhance Elk Country for future generations.

Sunday July 3rd, 2 pm Elk Basics

New to learning about elk? Join us for the basic breakdown as we learn about elk history, elk ecology and elk behavior. Are you a seasoned “Elkspert?” We bet you’ll learn something new too!

Saturday July 9th, 2 pm Pa Reptiles

Did you ever wonder what kinds of reptiles lurk in the Pennsylvania wilds? Well, now is your chance to learn a few! Join us at the Elk Country Visitor Center as we learn about a couple important reptiles found in the Keystone State of PA. You can even get acquainted with our rescued Eastern Box Turtles (Bob and Rosie) as well as Java, our Eastern Black Rat Snake.

Sunday July 10th, 12 pm Elk Country Rocks

It’s time for arts and crafts at the Elk Country Visitor Center! Join our staff in painting a rock of your choosing to create, a one-of-a-kind, souvenir of your very own!!  

Saturday July 16th, 2 pm Fireflies

Summertime in Benezette is a little extra bright at night thanks to these friendly insects Lumineers. Come and enjoy a presentation on Pennsylvania’s state insect and learn what makes them so unique. Maybe you’ll even catch a few whiles camping in elk country!

Saturday July 23rd, 2 pm Moose, Elk, Caribou, Whitetail

“Moose, Elk, Caribou, and Whitetail oh my!” The Deer family has quite a few members! Join our staff as we learn about the elk and their many cousins that live in North America. You are sure to learn something new along the way!

Sunday July 24th, 2 pm Pa Invasives

If you look at the trees in the Pennsylvania Wilds, you will notice they aren’t as full. This is because of the Spongy Moth, previously called the Gypsy Moth, which is an invasive species to Pennsylvania. Join our staff at the Elk Country Visitor Center to learn about the Spongy Moth as well as the many other invasive species that wreak havoc on Pennsylvania ecosystems and how to prevent the spread. 

Saturday July 30th, 2 pm Elk Walk and Talk

Join a staff member as we walk the trails around the Elk Country Visitor Center. Learn many interesting facts about the property and wildlife that often inhabit these fields. We will be covering topics such as what elk eat, where they spend their time, and how each season brings something different.

Sunday July 31st, 2 pm Antler Scoring

“Woah! that is a  400+ bull for sure!” Being in Elk Country you will probably hear that a lot, and you may be a bit confused on what that means. Now is the time to learn! Antler scoring is a fun and useful tool to have when exploring Elk Country, get a free lesson today!

If you have any questions, please call the Conservation Education Department at (814) 787-5173.