Elk Country Visitor Center

The Elk Country Visitor Center is a World Class destination that sees an upward of 480,000 visitors every year. We occupy 245 acres of well managed forage that is optimal for Elk Viewing. Our 4-D theater is a great way to immerse yourself in the history of the elk as well as a four season journey through the eyes of an elk. Many surprises await you in our sensory theater. We also have three easily accessible trails that are centrally located for optimal viewing. Our on-site gift shop, The Treasure Shed, features a variety of local artisan products, unique gifts, custom clothing and proudly only sells MADE IN THE USA products.  The covered wagon tour is a 45 minute guided tour throughout our 245 acres that tells a great conservation story as well as optimal elk viewing. The Con-Ed staff at the Center offer many different programs to meet each group’s specific interest.   The Center is a smoke free, pet free facility.  Click HERE for our policies.  The Elk Country Visitor Center is a unique public/private partnership between the Keystone Elk Country Alliance and Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Elk Viewing:
Benezette and the surrounding elk range are some of the most scenic and remote regions of Pennsylvania.  The wild elk range covers more than 3,000 square miles and the center is the hub of nature tourism.  To increase your chances of seeing elk, time your viewing adventures for the hours just after daylight and the hours prior to dusk, when elk are most active as they move from feeding areas in open fields to sheltered woodlands where they spend most of the day.

Safety and viewing etiquette:
For everyone’s safety, do not stop in the road, you must pull all four tires off the roadway onto the shoulder, do not park in private drives or enter private property.  Do not block traffic.  Never attempt to approach, touch, or feed elk (or other wildlife) this is not only unsafe, but illegal in Pennsylvania.  Please remain a safe distance from all wildlife and remember elk are quick and unpredictable free-roaming animals.  While at the center, please remember you must stay on the gravel paths, behind the viewing walls and you may not enter the fields or wooded areas surrounding the center.  You can not stop to view elk along our driveway, or exit your vehicle to do so.  Many locations are available at the center.


Visitors Center

Visitor Center Hours:
Jan – Mar: Sat & Sun 8-4
April – May: Thur thru Mon 8-4
June – Aug: Daily 8-8
September – October: Daily 8-Dusk
Nov – Dec: Thur thru Mon 8 – 4