Join KECA’s Habitat Partnership Campaign

KECA improved 310 acres of elk habitat in 2017 and since 2010 KECA enhanced 3,107 acres for elk and other wildlife on public and private lands. On average is costs KECA $500/acre to improve habitat for elk and other wildlife. The goal of the Habitat Partnership Campaign is to improve an additional 893 acres by the year 2020.

You can buy in below for:

  • $500 for one acre
  • $1,000 for two acres

Or you can make a longer-term commitment for the below by contacting us for more information.

  • BRONZE 5 ACRES $500/YEAR FOR 5 YEARS= $2,500
  • SILVER 10 ACRES $1,000/YEAR FOR 5 YEARS = $5,000
  • GOLD 15 ACRES $1,500/YEAR FOR 5 YEARS = $7,500
  • PLATINUM 20 ACRES $2,000/YEAR FOR 5 YEARS=$10,000

Donor recognition will be a listing of donors displayed in the Elk Country Visitor Center or in the Outdoor Classroom. Donors that reach the above-mentioned goals will also receive a Habitat Partnership Plaque once the pledge is completed. KECA is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) wildlife conservation organization and donations may be tax deductible. Consult your accountant or tax preparer to determine your individual tax deduction.

Click HERE to download our commitment form for mailing.

The Center’s interpretative and educational messages genuinely have the potential to shape the stewardship and use of our natural resources for the better. In the near term, the development of the Elk Center will serve as a gateway to the enjoyment and understanding of the great outdoors. Over time, our return on this investment will be measured by the wildlife legacy and conservation ethic that future generations pass on to their heirs. Thank you for all you do for Pennsylvania’s Elk Country.

There are many ways to support the Keystone Elk Country Alliance!

We are a 501(c) (3) charity and your gift may be deductible for tax purposes. Choose a category to learn more:

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Keystone Elk Country Alliance is committed to responsible stewardship of your gift. At least 81% of every dollar stays in Pennsylvania and goes towards KECA’s Conservation Mission.