Keystone Elk Country  Endowment

There is no better compliment than knowing that future generations will be thankful for our work and they will continue to build on it. The Keystone Elk Country Endowment is a permanent fund set aside to generate annual interest funding to support operational expenses of the Keystone Elk Country Alliance. As our endowment grows, KECA will become self-sustaining, which will permit more of the funding generated annually through donations, memberships, and fundraising events to be used on more substantial “on the ground projects”.  A contribution to our endowment is a perpetual gift to Pennsylvania’s Elk Country.

Anyone who makes an endowment gift will become a member of the Keystone Elk Society and will be recognized annually in our publications and will be invited to special events.  In addition, those individuals, couples, corporations, foundations and other organizations who contribute $10,000 or more to support the endowment will receive a special numbered limited edition Pennsylvania Elk Society collector’s pin.  More importantly you will be recognized as a founding member in sustaining a future that Pennsylvania will always have Elk as part of its natural history.

To learn more, or for a confidential consultation, please contact our Director of Development: Jeff Gauger 814-931-4045



There are many ways to support the Keystone Elk Country Alliance!

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Keystone Elk Country Alliance is committed to responsible stewardship of your gift. At least 81% of every dollar stays in Pennsylvania and goes towards KECA’s Conservation Mission.